What We Offer

Queen Bee

Appointment based personal coaching is available in a 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3, coach to client format.

The Colony

Our '4Q Method' powered group training experience will be the best part of your day. 

The Swarm

Flexibility and conveneince. Train under coach supervision at a time that suits you.

Run Your Business

Do you know a trainer looking for a home? We are here to support them in building a brand and making a good living. 

Did you Know.....

That there is a large body of scientific evidence declaring that the Beehive is the most efficient, best engineered, non-man made structure in the world. Couple that with the fact that bees are job creators playing a huge role within the economy and only have a life span of 6 weeks in the summer because they literally work themselves to death.


While we do not work ourselves, or our clients to death, we do work tirelessly to create the ultimate training environment. 

The very core of our model is also to create jobs and opportunities, empowering trainers to generate their own ‘honey’. Our ‘Hive’ while not being an engineering phenomenon, is also a place of mass production! Where our worker bee coaches and therapists work to support our clients in their lives, fitness and athletic endeavors.