About Us

The Hive is a custom designed, professional training and therapy facility. The brainchild of a combined 30+ years of experience in the private, public and professional sectors.

 The Hive seeks to provide an unprecedented client training experience.


Anchored in our core pillars of Performance, Wellness and Education, The Hive has created a perfect intersection between customized training solutions and strategies for all populations, within a warm engaging environment. 

Mission Statement

'Our mission is to empower through education. We strive to heighten our clients physical capabilities through the provision of sustainable performance, wellness and self care strategies' 

Core Values

Service Excellence

We will operate with consistency, empathy and integrity in a manner true to our client’s values and expectations.


Trainers train.

We as coaches, empower through teaching and application.

Move Better To Move More

Respect the individual.

Each person is unique and requires a specific movement solution for performance or wellness.

Before moving more, we want you moving better.

Conscious Coaching

Our clients programs are anchored to scientific laws. These laws dictate the outcomes that occur from the methods we select. 

Personal and Professional Development

Education, much like fitness, is a race without a finish line.

We are constantly learning and always evolving to best serve our clients.

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