Queen Bee Personal Coaching

Appointment based personal coaching is available in a 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3, coach to client format.


Personal coaching offers a unique client experience. Program planning is outcome based, driven to meet your goals and customized needs.

Whether you require undivided attention or would perform better with the shared accountability (Core Element #2) of a friend(s), personal coaching sessions will fast track your progress.


Conscious coaching, unlimited support, nutritional advice, and a clear vivid path to results under the watchful eye of a prized Hive coach…


We consider Personal Coaching, the ”Bee’s Knee’s”.

The Colony Group Coaching

Anchored in Friendship (Core Element #8) ‘The Colony’ group coaching experience will be the best part of your day. Train with existing friends or friends you haven’t met yet. As the wise Winnie The Pooh once said;

“A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey”.


The 4Q model powers our coach led sessions; be prepared to move better to move more. Our sessions will invigorate you, not exhaust you. They will challenge you, not crush you. And they will expose you to new training methods and theories that will motivate you to perform, while accomplishing more.


The 4Q model will enhance everybody’s production within the Colony. Whether the goal is body transformation, performance, stress relief, or doctor’s orders, our group coaching experience will facilitate your journey.


Lets get bizzzz-y!

The Swarm Coach Supervised

‘The Swarm’ provides our clients with flexibility with their schedules as they can attend the facility at their own convenience during set times. Clients will be empowered to work from world-class 4Q programs, progressively designed by our coaches.


Swarm member’s will guide themselves to improved movement and enhanced physical capabilities, whilst under the supervision and observation of our coaches, who will be buzzing around the training floor.

The 4Q Model

The 4Q Model is a Programming System that was developed by the Institute of Motion (IoM) to help create structure, variability, balance, and sustainability throughout training. The 4Q "Neuromechanical Model" of Programming is built on the premise of 4 Quadrants:

Exercises are grouped within certain quadrants based on their function and outcome. Our professional coaches select exercises from the quadrants and incorporate them accordingly into the training classes.

A balance within the quadrants is a balance in your training. This will enable you to train more frequently, while managing fatigue, getting you to your goal faster. 


What to expect from the 4Q group classes? 


Anticipate a customized coaching experience. These classes will deliver strength, power and endurance training, strategically programmed in high and low intensity settings. The versatility of the 4Q Model allows us to adjust the ‘pre-programmed’ session on the go to meet the varying training needs of our clients.


We are very excited to partner with the Institute of Motion and be one of the few private coaching facilities in the world to be certified to deliver this world class programming system.